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Airport: Madrid (MAD)


Current local time 16:44:56 Sunday 03.03.2024
Time zone UTC + 01:00
Demand calculation 22:48:48 UTC
Country Spain
Continent Europe
Runway 4,350 m
Airport size Very large airport
Slots (per 5 minutes) 11
Slot Availability 20%
Min. transfer time 01:30h
Nighttime ban no nighttime ban
Noise restrictions Restricted to Chapter III and IV aircraft


2024-03-03 02:04 UTC Air Cordoba has opened a new station at Madrid.
2024-02-26 11:09 UTC SaxoCargo have shut down their station at Madrid.
2024-02-26 05:37 UTC Cargowings has opened a new station at Madrid.
2024-02-25 16:50 UTC Lehmann AIR Invest has opened a new station at Madrid.
2024-02-25 12:25 UTC Lehmann Air Berlin has opened a new station at Madrid.
2024-02-19 21:57 UTC Gruppo Airitaly has opened a new station at Madrid.
2024-02-16 08:23 UTC Coolwings has opened a new station at Madrid.
2024-02-13 21:02 UTC SkyCloud Czechia has opened a new station at Madrid.
2024-02-12 09:47 UTC Aero Vista have shut down their station at Madrid.
2024-02-08 07:29 UTC Cuba DeAviacion has opened a new station at Madrid.
2024-02-01 15:41 UTC Air Gibraltar has opened a new station at Madrid.
2024-02-01 13:34 UTC Air Gibraltar has opened a new station at Madrid.
2024-01-31 04:41 UTC Cargowings has opened a new station at Madrid.
2024-01-30 12:46 UTC Europa Airlines has opened a new station at Madrid.
2024-01-28 14:44 UTC Concorde has opened a new station at Madrid.

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Enterprise IL Weekly departures Flight schedule
Aconcagua 0 Departures
Air Cordoba 3 Departures
Air Danube 67 Departures
Air Salzach 77 Departures
Air Suomi 42 Departures
Air TNR 0 Departures
AirMex 42 Departures
Albanian Skyways 2 Departures
Algiers Airways 35 Departures
British Siesta 14 Departures
BruRoc Cargo Europe 0 Departures
Byzantinair 49 Departures
Cameron Pacific 0 Departures
Canadian Skyways 21 Departures
Canary Boutique airlines 28 Departures
Coast-Express 18 Departures
Concorde 0 Departures
Coolwings 6 Departures
CzechWings 0 Departures
De Koninklijke 56 Departures
Dutch Ground Service 0 Departures
dutchlines 616 Departures
Eldorado 7 Departures
Elysium 0 Departures
Eurobird 938 Departures
Europa Airlines 0 Departures
Fly France 21 Departures
Fly Moon 0 Departures
FlyMaldives 5 Departures
FlyRuysia 49 Departures
Funkie International Airlines 3 Departures
Gruppo Airitaly 22 Departures
Hanse Caribbean 14 Departures
Hanse Commuter Service 56 Departures
Hanse Express 70 Departures
Hopper 7 Departures
Inca Ecuador 14 Departures
Inter Connect 0 Departures
IRACON 0 Departures
Ivory Airways 14 Departures
JoMa Airlines 35 Departures
Klingler Air Argentinia 11 Departures
Klingler Air Brazil 31 Departures
Klingler Air Cameroon 7 Departures
Klingler Air Cargo 7 Departures
Klingler Air Caucasus 7 Departures
Klingler Air Columbia 0 Departures
Klingler Air Middle East 14 Departures
Klingler Air Panama 5 Departures
Klingler Argentinia Express 4 Departures
Kuwait Arab Airlines 7 Departures
Kuwait-Express 7 Departures
La French 194 Departures
Lehmann Air Berlin 3 Departures
Lehmann AIR Invest 7 Departures
Libertad 35 Departures
LYNX 7 Departures
MA Airways 2 Departures
Michigan-Express 7 Departures
NA-Airways 43 Departures
NA-Regional 7 Departures
Navigator Air 174 Departures
Navigator Freight 35 Departures
NEOM AIRLINE 7 Departures
New Florida 14 Departures
NoCa Airlines 28 Departures
Northeast Skylink 14 Departures
Nuestra Aerolinea Peru 6 Departures
Orix Airways 7 Departures
Over the Clouds of Las Vegas 42 Departures
Over the Clouds of Madrid 7 Departures
Pathfinder Cargo Europe 147 Departures
Pathfinder Enterprise 1 Departures
Royal Morocco Airlines 63 Departures
Sandy Air 21 Departures
SaudiaJet 7 Departures
Saxoair 0 Departures
SerbiaJet 7 Departures
Serinus Canaria 6 Departures
Shangri La 21 Departures
Siesta Airways 5,025 Departures
Siesta Invest 0 Departures
Siesta Moldavia 7 Departures
SimbAir 49 Departures
SkyHellas 42 Departures
SWIZZ Sky 97 Departures
Tamborito 14 Departures
The Baba Airlines 11 Departures
The Baba Colombia Airlines 21 Departures
TOLair Regioline 9 Departures
Touristikwings 7 Departures
Trans American Airways 28 Departures
Turkish World Airways 28 Departures
TW Cargo 35 Departures
UAE Airlines 35 Departures
Uganda Air System 7 Departures
Uganda Airservice 7 Departures
UK Fly 7 Departures
Ukrainian Airlines 7 Departures
Vesta Air 48 Departures
VNM Trans 3 Departures
Wings of China 0 Departures
Wings of Europe 7 Departures
yellow 3 Departures